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Forum Rules

Rule 1

Have a great time! You will find a great bunch of people here at the Den, and you can talk about almost anything.

Illegal Software

Discussion regarding any form of illegal software will not be tolerated. This includes warez, cracks, games, or disc copying info. Any infingement upon this rule will result in your post being removed, your account being locked, and immediate notification of your ISP and software copyright enforcement agencies.

Foul Language

This is a "family" type site, it can possibly be viewed by people of all ages. We do have a "swear censor" in the software, but it is not an exact science. If you find language offensive, please report it and a decision will be made either to delete or edit that particular topic or reply.<BR>


Currently the board is set to allow images, however, if images are posted that contain nudity, or people find offensive, the post or reply will be deleted or edited. Continual abuse of this rule will result in images being shut down and your account banned or deleted.


Spamming of this forum in any way will result in the termination if your account and the notification of your ISP. Most all ISP's will not tolerate spamming, and will remove your internet access through their service. Your IP address is logged whenever you visit the forum.

Verbal Abuse

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Verbally abusing a member for any reason will not be tolerated, and appropriate actions will be taken. Posts may be edited or deleted, and possible IP banning, account termination, or notification of your ISP will take place.

Dunzell's Den

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